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Catch Basin Pumping Services

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Catch Basin Pumping Services

A catch basin is critical to the stormwater system of every city and community. Master Sewers & Plumbing’s catch basin pumping services in River Grove, IL are supported by a fleet of vacuum trucks specifically designed for catch basin pumping in River Grove, IL and the surrounding areas.  Using a combination of high-pressure water jets and the power of industrial vacuums, our technicians will break up the debris in your sump and remove all materials from the sump.  As part of our service, we perform a full inspection of the catch basin to ensure it is in good condition and does not require repair.

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Catch basins, also often referred to as storm drains or curb side inlets, are a stormwater system that provides an opening for rainwater. This water comes from draining a system that collects sediment and debris in a sump or trellis. While water flowing down places like a drain in a house undergoes a filtration process, water in a swamp does not. Water from the catch basin does not undergo a formal filtration process before reaching lakes, rivers or oceans. When a drain is clogged by whatever is on the street and gets into it, the drainage system shuts down and causes a whole host of problems. This is one of the reasons sump cleaning and maintenance is so important.

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